C O F F E E    L U N C H    D R I N K

Our restaurant is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for coffee, lunch, and drinks

Oatcake € 4,00
Banana cake € 4,50
‘Suikerbrood’ with butter € 4,75
Apple pie € 5,75
Nut bread – ‘Goudse Opleg’ cheese € 6,75

L U N C H (12 – 16 hrs)
Soup of seasonal vegetables € 8,00
Gruyère wafers with grelot onion, mushroom
and sprout compote € 12,50
Brioche with Jerusalem artichoke and truffle, with pumpkin, sage, and malt dressing € 12,50
Cauliflower with fried egg and pickled chanterelles € 13,50
Puff pastry filled with smoked Burrata and salad of roasted carrot and yellow bell pepper € 15,50


Lemon ricotta ravioli with eggplant and walnut ragout € 18,00
Celeriac cooked in a salt crust with egg, chives, and truffle € 17,50
Risotto of salty vegetables, citrus, Parmesan, and
egg tenderloin € 18,50
Lovage gnocchi with fermented portobello cream
and salsify velouté € 19,00
Bread and butter € 5,25


Date, blood orange, mint, and almond pavlova € 12,50

A P P E T I Z E R S (from 16 hrs)
Olives, green and black € 7,50
Smokes almonds and cashews € 7,75
Cheese croquette by Holtkamp (4 pieces) € 7,50
Fried Dutch meatballs by Holtkamp (6 pieces) € 8,50
Bread and butter € 5,25

We can take gluten/lactose/nut intolerance and vegan dietary requirements into account.
Unfortunately, we cannot rule out contamination, and therefore, for your own health, are not able to take serious allergies into account.

You can only pay with pin/credit card